I worked on merging the susi_skill_cms, account.susi.ai and chat.susi.ai into one consolidated susi.ai repository and integrating redux, upgrading material-ui and react versions. I implemented a chat bubble at bottom right which allows users to interact with susi.ai and test skills by clicking on their respective speech bubbles. Features implemented by me are:

  • Skill Creator
  • Dashboard: My Devices
  • Chat Bubble and Speech Bubble for Skill
  • Admin: Bots, Devices and System Skills
  • Admin: CRUD operations on Config Keys in Settings
  • Admin: Edit User Settings
  • Added API endpoints in JAVA: ListDeviceService, ListPrivateSkillService and ListPrivateDraftSkillService

I also enhanced the existing UI, fixed mobile views, integrated styled-components, created shared components, modified various API endpoints in JAVA and fixed various bugs.



Harsh Jindal


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  • Damini Satya Kammakomati
  • Michael Christen
  • Norbert Preining
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  • Divyanshu N Singh
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