Bassa project is about making installation of Bassa easier for its users and containerizing in a better way to use available resources in efficient way.

Bringing Minio into Bassa for proper file storage will be first task, later on currently written Bassa installation scripts will be updated by proper and efficient DockerFile for each Bassa components (minio storage, MySQL DB, (Bassa socket server + aria2c) ) which will be treated as Docker containers and then these Docker containers will run in pods as described briefly in proposal and these pods will be run as clusters in k8s environment

Bassa socket server and aria2c together will work as single instance pod and will be auto scaled to attain good uptime and other components Minio and MySQL will be working on different pods, these pods will interact with each other and transfer files to minio buckets created by user.


Pawan Bhadu


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