I plan to shift the platform to a more modern and reliable Electron framework. Being a NodeJS powered framework specifically designed to create desktop apps, Electron happens to be the right choice for the job. While shifting to Electron, we will re-implement the existing functional / broken features ( all the tools available in PSLab desktop are not functioning as of now, which I have verified using a physical hardware ), redesign the UI / UX flow, and take a more modular approach for development. At the core of the app, we will still use the PSLab-python library for device communication. As Electron apps are developed using JS, we can expect a more enthusiastic developer crowd to join the cause. A much more thorough documentation for the same is also available. Making use of Electron will also allow us to cherry pick modern looking UI libraries to give our user base a much more fluid experience. Finally I would make use of the easy to use packaging system of Electron so that users can easily install PSLab desktop with a single click instead of using the current install scripts.





  • Lorenz Gerber
  • Chung Wei Tat
  • Abhinav Raj
  • Kok Wai Gie
  • Madhushanka Padmal
  • Avjeet Singh
  • Mario Behling