OWASP Honeypot : The idea is to: -Test all the modules in the code (currently 4)and if there are bugs found to fix them. -After testing the entire codebase, would remove the duplicated code. -Then I would like to work on packet tracing,currently only the information like IP Address and Country is being extracted from the packets and it's not that useful to classify it as high risk or not.So I would discuss with my mentor as to what all needs to be extracted from the packets and would store in the database.

  • After that I would like to start with the WEB part of the project,to write new routes and add new visualizations.(this part I am most comfortable with because I already have some industry experience with web) -Then would add new visualizations for the extracted details and also some logic to classify the record in the database as high risk ip because now we would have more information from the packet and not limited to IP Address and country -Also in between testing modules and removing duplicated codes I would work on PR reviews and issues (if there are any raised or found) -Finally at the end would document all the work I did in the wiki section of the project.





  • Ali Razmjoo Qalaei