Laying down a strong foundation & base architecture for Intrusion detection & prevention system (IDS/IPS), intelligent log monitoring, antivirus that can be scaled in future and also can be further expanded easily by applying machine learning. Enhance the current firewall by bringing in some advanced rules to detect malformed & suspicious packets & dump them into a PCAP file for future forensic analysis. Implement OSINT tools to collect information about attackers and generate a CSV report. Introduce Auto Server patcher to patch server configuration for maximum security features and implement a server-side web deface detection. Also, protect IoT devices by checking if they are under the Shodan radar. Perform all the elemental connections & introduce different modes for the user. Improve the GUI by adding all the configurations options and critical data such as last login to it. Perform bug fixes and improve the dashboard. Write detailed documentation and README, and finally package and ship SecureTea version 1.1 on PyPi.



Abhishek Sharma


  • Rejah Rehim