New Features:

  • Local sharing of ZIMs using WiFi: Enable users to share ZIM files locally using WiFi, allowing users to easily share ZIM files with each other without the need of a computer
  • In-app Note Keeping: Inbuilt note keeper for each ZIM file, allowing users to jot down points from within the app itself
  • Implement #765 (& specific-article sharing): Complete the issue and use the new structure to enable users to share articles with others (link to ZIM article for Kiwix users, URL for others)
  • User Feedback activity: To submit feedback, modelled after the contact page of the website


  • Navigational drawer based UI: Help centralise and use a single point of origin for the 3 main actions on the app (View library, Download wikis, Read wiki article)
  • Categorisation of ZIMs in Library & Auto-hide system UI bars during reading

Other details:

  • Document all the code as I write it and fix bugs that I encounter along the way
  • Weekly blog sharing my experience to generate interest in the project and open source contribution
  • Take on additional bugs and issues if the above work gets finished before the final deadline



Aditya Sood


  • Siddharth Sharma
  • Abdul Wadood
  • Isaac Hutt (mhutti1)