VISual MAth (visma) is an equation solver and visualiser, which can be used to solve complex mathematical equations. It not only solves the equation but also displays step by step approach which is deployed in the solution. It is also capable of plotting 2D and 3D plots. My proposal is to refactor old simplify modules (to include built-in python functions) and adding new modules like Discrete Maths module, higher degree equation solvers, implementing Matrix Module in GUI, adding support for simultaneous equation solvers, adding integration & derivation modules etc. Also, I will be implementing "Equation Scanner" in VisMa as a side project. This would enable the user to input the equation to VisMa by providing an image of the equation. I will also be focussing on improving existing documentation and adding more documentation to the project.



Mayank Dhiman


  • Siddharth Kothiyal
  • Shantanu
  • Manfred Ehresmann