mifos-mobile-cn is an Android app for Digital Financial services that is built on top of FIneract-CN platform. It provides banking solutions for people around the world who are unbacked. This app is for clients for their Digital Financial needs.

I would like to improve the app by implementing the feature that is mentioned below which would improve the user experience, functionality and overall aesthetics of the app.

  1. Add Customer Details.
  2. Migration to Android X.
  3. Loan review page.
  4. Customer Profile Page.
  5. Add recent transactions.
  6. Add Products page.
  7. Data Manager for Customer and Identification.
  8. Loan Details.
  9. Deposit Details.
  10. Gitter and Travis shields.
  11. About us.
  12. Code clean up and fix warnings.



Abhijit Ramesh


  • Rajan Maurya
  • Abhilash Gunasegaran