MoveIt currently only implements discrete collision checking for movements of the controlled robot. A major drawback of discrete collision checking methods is that they may miss collisions between the sampled time steps. While there exists techniques to alleviate this problem, resulting algorithms can be relatively slow. To provide stronger guarantees, continuous collision detection (CCD) techniques have been proposed by the research community. They compute the first time of contact between two moving objects along a path.

The new planning framework Tesseract of ROS-Industrial has implemented CCD utilizing the Bullet library. The aim of this project is porting the feature from Tesseract to MoveIt. As Tesseract draws its heritage back to MoveIt, both motion planning frameworks share similarities which makes porting feasible.

Besides CCD other improvements should be adapted:

  • Cache/scene reconstruction improvements through broad phase collision checking
  • Utilize convex-convex collisions.

Besides API changes, the project includes writing tests and tutorials showing the new capabilities.




  • Bryce Willey
  • felixvd