Graal produces analysis related to code complexity, quality, dependencies, vulnerability and licensing and the data produced conforms to the ones that can be processed by GrimoireLab. I will mainly be focusing on:

  • Adding support of source code related metrics to Grimoirelab with the help of analysis data produced by Graal.
  • Adapting Grimoirelab toolchain to be able to execute Graal and process the data produced by it.
  • Writing appropriate unit tests for additional backends, their corresponding supporting connectors, and methods.
  • Producing analytics related to proposed and calculated metrics* ( described below )
  • Adding documentation related to additional features and improvements in existing ones.

Out of all the five backends provided by Graal, CoCom (Code Complexity) covers a vast majority of the popular languages and CoLic (Code License) supported by NOMOS & ScanCode helps us fetch license & copyright related information from software development repositories and is language independent. Addition of metrics related to these two backends during GSoC period could be applied to a wide range of projects in the future.



Nishchith K Shetty


  • Jesus Gonzalez-Barahona
  • valcos
  • Pranjal Aswani