At the present stage, Apache OODT provides a web app to monitor the status of each component and ingested files, metadata and workflows. This main dashboard is known as OPS UI which is based on Apache wicket java web framework. Though it provides basic monitoring functionalities like retrieval of product status, metadata,workflow and platform health information etc. still it lacks of few important features like querying over products, product removal and workflow termination etc. Further the existing UI is not so user friendly and prints stack traces when backend errors occurred. Moreover users have to deploy the complete OPS UI, even whether they are embedding components individually in their applications. The intention of this proposed project idea is to address all those loop holes by implementing a new component based React UI with enhanced REST APIs. Moreover the implementation of the idea discussed here, is decided to be released with Apache OODT 2.0.


Nadeeshan Gimhana


  • Imesha Sudasingha
  • Tom Barber