Flow Completion Time (FCT) has been the core metric to optimize via scheduling, congestion control, load balancing in Data Center Networks (DCN). As a user-perceived metric, FCT is one of the most important networks' performance metrics, as the users typically want their flows to complete as quickly as possible during their interactions with the network, e.g., webpage download, file transfer. The past decade has witnessed significant interest in studying the FCT minimization in networked systems research, especially in DCN.

Current NS-3 are less friendly to researchers in this domain. This project aims to augment NS-3 with related components to support the simulation in the domain so that researchers would try out with a minimal amount of coding. The framework will supplement the NS-3 ecosystem with components such as Multi-Level Feedback Queue scheduling, topology helper, load balancing algorithms and so on.


Liangcheng Yu


  • Dizhi Zhou(Joe)
  • Mohit P. Tahiliani