Boost uBLAS

Modifying (Smart) Expression Templates


This proposal aims at improving the efficiency of the expression templates that are used by boost::numeric::ublas::tensor. Traditional Expression templates are efficient but Klaus Iglberger showed in his work that traditional ETs (Expression Templates) does not automatically result in faster execution of the expression. Smart expression templates are a tool for capturing the expression, possibly transforming and evaluating the expression. For better expression evaluation I will use Boost.YAP, a C++14 and later expression template library. Boost.YAP already offers a lot of functions and algorithms for dealing with expressions. It will ease my task moreover most of the issues pointed out in the paper cited above are efficiently handled by YAP. Hence, this proposal aims at the integration of Boost.YAP for convenient expression template transformation and evaluation in boost::numeric::ublas::tensor



Ashar Khan


  • Cem Bassoy