bdchecks is an infrastructure for performing, filtering and managing various biodiversity data checks using R. Data checks are a key to promoting biodiversity data quality. bdchecks offers various features for different types of R users:

  • An interactive and user-friendly Shiny app for inexperienced R users.
  • Full command line functionality for more experienced R users.
  • Advanced R users can easily edit, add and manage their own collection of data checks, using one single YAML file and only two supporting R functions.

Improving the quality of biodiversity research, in some measure, is based on improving user-level data cleaning tools and skills. Adopting a more comprehensive approach for incorporating data cleaning as part of data analysis will not only improve the quality of biodiversity data, but will impose a more appropriate usage of such data.


Povilas Gibas


  • Thiloshon Nagarajah
  • Vijay Barve
  • Tomer Gueta