This Project aims to improve the Beaglebone Black (BBB) Board Support Package on RTEMS. The project intends to add HDMI Framebuffer support for the BSP. Currently, the users who use RTEMS on their BBB project, can’t use an HDMI display to their project due to the lack of a framebuffer driver in the BBB Board Support Package. The project is mainly focused on adding the Framebuffer driver, this will enable the users to attach a display with their BBB project that uses RTEMS. The end product of the project will be a graphic console. Once the framebuffer driver is working and a console can be accessed through the HDMI display, it will open the way for further addition of graphics libraries, like the mouse support.



Vijay Kumar Banerjee


  • Christian Mauderer
  • Pavel Pisa
  • Udit kumar Agarwal