I would like to work on issue #70, “OncoKB Analysis in Study View”. An inconvenience for both biologists trying to get valuable information to make informed decisions on prognosis and patients who would like to readily have access to this information for their own comfort, is the time needed to access this data. As the genomic data sets for each study vary in size, viewing annotations for studies that have large data sets in real-time is a challenge because it takes a while for the information to load. For example: MSK-IMPACT 2017 has a data set of 10,000 samples, so it will take a few minutes for the study view to load. I would like to work on the three backend tasks and first frontend task. This means pre-annotating the mutation data and storing it into the MySQL database and creating an additional column in the mutation table called “annotation”. Querying and using the web API to provide the information needed to solve the front-end goal of creating pie charts for oncogenicity and highest level of sensitive therapeutic implications per sample.


Andrew Cvekl


  • Hongxin