CrowdAlert practically addresses a really good problem we are trying build a solution for. It's solution boils down to having a robust and real-time end user experience.

This proposal is about core optimisations and addition of new and exciting features to the user experience of the React application. That implies, using Server-side Rendering for faster page loading times (significantly low Time To First Byte), using web-sockets for real-time updates for incidents, comments and HTTP Long Polling for upvotes etc., migrating to more robust, scalable and available database solution, finally, decoupling it from Django views. Then we need to write consistent tests to validate different models and fields. Finally, an NFSW image classifier. Eventually, we will end up with cleaner code, sound application architecture of both frontend and backend, adding more tests and developing/revamping new features are the most obvious ones. This will not only make developing new features much more easier, cleaner and maintainable but will also dramatically improve user experience and take it to next level.


Hitesh Kumar Rawat


  • Joydeep Mukherjee
  • Siddartha Padhi
  • Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
  • Thuvarakan