Create a Kiwix hotspot application that would be an extension to the kiwix android application. It would allow the users to share their ZIM Files with others over the same network. This can be made possible by:

  • Creating a layout for the user to select the files he wishes to host.
  • Working with a web server i.e. kiwix-serve. We can communicate with it via JNI(Java Native Interface).
  • Working with WIFI hotspot(without using data).
  • Presenting the IP address where the files have been hosted.
  • Some networking tricks to polish the application.

Other devices can access the ZIM files by just connecting to the hotspot and simply entering the ip address into their browser.

This project would be really beneficial in areas especially where internet is not so easily available/accessible. For example, a teacher who has the kiwix android application would be able to share the ZIM files with all the students offline.



Adeel Zafar


  • Siddharth Sharma
  • Abdul Wadood
  • Isaac Hutt (mhutti1)