DIRAC is an open source interware platform whose roles are submission of jobs, the management of the data produced, to the orchestration of the distributed resources. It is a generic software, used and extended by several Virtual Organizations (VO).

It monitors resources like computing, storage, catalogue resources, networks, information providers, file transfer services, message queues or databases services. Members of a VO can use a mask composed of services exposed by local resources. Experienced Grid administrators apply procedures for managing such services, based on their status, as it is reported by an ever-growing set of monitoring tools. When a procedure is agreed and well-exercised, a formal policy could be derived.

For this reason, using the DIRAC framework is developed as a policy system that can enforce management and operational policies, in a VO-specific fashion.

This project proposal offers :

  • A reliable working implementation of a multi-VO Dirac Resource Status System (RSS).
  • A base database access module for the RSS which would unify the SQLAlchemy frontend and also reduce code duplication.
  • Remove sqlite3 from some RSS modules and port them to MySQL backend



Amarnath Karthi


  • Federico Stagni
  • Christophe Haen
  • Zoltan Mathe