Migrate Chat, Skill, Account SUSI.AI under a common app SUSI.AI. Create a set of common and modular components. For styling 1 common approach should be used, like styled-components. Enhance Admin section by adding Reported Skills tab, Mail configuration, Email Messages(with reCaptcha configuration), User, Skills Statistics for Admin Panel.

Add more functionality to settings for users. Make the whole application mobile responsive. Integrating Redux and removing flux architecture for data flow. Implement stop action, SoundCloud action on chat. Fix preview chat code and scroll interactions.

Implement slideshow slider, Google Analytics, multi-search for skills CMS. All the above features will be integrated on frontend as well on the backend. Integrate support for SUSI.AI Speaker with SUSI.AI web client.



Shubham Gupta-2


  • Norbert Preining
  • Damini Satya Kammakomati
  • Michael Christen
  • Anup
  • Divyanshu N Singh
  • Akshat Garg-1
  • Francois Cartegnie
  • Felix Yan
  • AkJn
  • Deepjyoti Mondal