The Creative Commons plugin for WordPress is due for an update for over two years. I plan to rebuild the plugin from scratch with WordPress Coding standards in mind. This optimization will come in the forms of both standards compliant code and documentation.

Proposed Features

  • Creative Commons Gutenberg Blocks.
  • WordPress Coding Standards compliant code.
  • WordPress Documentation Standards compliant inline code docs.
  • CC Licensing of Images uploaded by a user to help make licensing clear.
  • Custom license page templates for each CC license and page generator.
  • New documentation site hosted with Netlify built with Gatsby.js, JAMstack.


With the above-mentioned features, the plugin will be functional and a user installing CC WordPress plugin will be able to add the Creative Commons Licenses to images, content, or even generate License pages that can help explain licensing of the entire site's content. Moreover, with a new documentation site, we'll be able to bring in more community contributors to the project.



Ahmad Bilal


  • Timid Robot Zehta
  • Hugo Solar