This project aims to make OODT deployment and configuration management simple through implementation of a docker-based deployment tool that integrates with the existing distributed configuration management tool in OODT. The target is to first containerize the major components in OODT (file manager, resource manager and workflow manager) using Docker. Each component will then have its own Dockerfile and Maven build execution using the dockerfile-maven plugin. Next, the initial OODT deployment tool will be created using Kubernetes. Once this is done, the existing OODT Distributed Configuration Management feature will be integrated with this tool to handle dynamic configuration management. As a later step, the deployment could be upgraded to work with Helm or KNative.

Through this project, OODT will gain the ability to seamlessly manage OODT components regardless of the deployment environment. Technologies including Docker, Kubernetes and Maven will be required to carry out this project.


Yasith Jayawardana


  • Imesha Sudasingha
  • Tom Barber