The first part of this project involves improving certain parts of Zulip's webhooks/integrations system.

1.Make it much easier to quickly and conveniently test any incoming webhook integrations. This will make things a whole lot easier for developers creating or reviewing new bots. I plan on creating a web-based GUI for this purpose.

2.Enable us to store the headers for each sample payload alongside their fixtures. But at the same time allow them to be dynamically generated (instead having them necessarily be fixed/static).

3.Allow user's to configure their incoming webhooks bots based on certain parameters that we can specify on an integration-per-integration basis.

4.Create a systematic and convenient way to allow integrations to make a callback request to a third-party API to gain extra information about events as required.

5.Making miscellaneous improvements and tweaks that pop up over the course of the summer to specific integrations. Add new integrations as needed.

The second part of this project involves improving Zulip's OpenAPI documentation system (the supporting code and tests, not necessarily writing the actual documentation itself).


Hemanth V. Alluri


  • Eeshan Garg