In the past two years since the projects around decoupling Open Event’s frontend and backend began, significant progress has been made in developing the new Frontend and an API centric backend. However, the entire system in its current state is not yet ready to go into production. Along with minor bugs, there are areas like ticket sales, orders and role invites which require a substantial amount of work before the system becomes stable enough to act as an independent product which can be marketed to other Open Source Organisations. Eventyay is FOSSASIA’s production deployment of Open Event. To replace the stable legacy version with the new system will require several code related as well as devOps configurations. In my GSoC project, I intend to take the project to a stable production ready state with the exact details outlined in the proposal which follows.



Abhinav Khare


  • Isuru Abeywardana
  • SaptakS
  • Bhavesh_Anand
  • Jogendra Kumar
  • PradeepGangwar
  • Martin Bähr
  • Niranjan Rajendran