With booming amount of information being continuously added to the internet, organising the facts and serving this information to the users becomes a very difficult task. Currently DBpedia hosts billions of such data points and corresponding relations in the RDF format. RDF is a directed, labeled graph data format for representing information in the Web. SPARQL is a query language for RDF.

Extracting data requires a query to be made in SPARQL and the response to the query is a link that contains the information pertaining to the answer or the answer itself. Accessing such data is difficult for a lay user, who does not know how to write a query. This project will try to make this humongous linked data available to a larger user base in their natural languages(now restricted to English). The primary objective of the project being to be able to translate any natural language(English) question to valid SPARQL query.





  • Tommaso Soru
  • Aashay Singhal
  • Aman Mehta