Atarashi scans for license statements in open source software, focusing on text statistics. Designed to work stand-alone and with FOSSology. Right now it works on the simple command-line interface and separately from FOSSology. To make it more user-friendly it needs a GUI. FOSSology already has a stable GUI and advance features improved over the years. Atarashi works on Text Statistics and Information Retrieval Algorithms written purely in Python. Integrating Atarashi with FOSSology will not only make it more powerful but will also give various existing features for FOSSology to use in its User Interface. A standardized algorithm evaluator is needed for the existing and upcoming license scanning algorithms to validate its accuracy and reliability. A Machine Learning Model & Algorithm needs to be established so that it can be improved in the future. This will give us the most accurate and best results and will make Atarashi more powerful & faster than ever.





  • Anupam Ghosh
  • Aman Jain
  • Michael Jaeger