Our React native implementation is relatively newer than its native counterparts hence lacks many of the important features and is more buggy. The aim here is to implement some of the important features that the application lacks, and also side by side replacing some legacy libraries with a new one to increase performance as well as user experience and last but not least resolving discovered as well as undiscovered bugs. I think the most important feature that app lacks is the ability to fully share files. It can right now download and view already shared files but there no way to upload a new one. Second, an important feature that really makes Rocket Chat standout from others are slash commands, It allows the user to do trivial actions, like invite a user or archive a channel in fewer tabs Third, add in app notification so user can be notified even when he is using app
And last but not least I will be redesigning the settings panel of app and adding new options to it like Licence and contact us



Pranav Pandey


  • Guilherme Gazzo
  • Diego Mello