Throughout the Summer I will be devoted to contributing and working on various modules and making sure that it complies with the terms and standards and also that the timeline mentioned below is strictly followed as well collaborating with mentors for an effective output. In this summer, I would be working on wide range of functionalities, again following the timeline. I would be working on • Incoming Notifications • Support/Chat messages • Integration with Pockets API • Adding Language Support • UI for Forgot Password Component • Enhancing the UI of the web-app • Following the guidelines of the mentor assigned • Building the modules assigned to me

As per the description provided, I have noticed the version 2.0 was built last year. After reading the description and going through various other projects under the same organization “Mifos initiative”. I realized that the main focus on the app was ease of use as well automation, so that our primary users could use it in a flexible way.





  • Gaurav Saini-1
  • Ankit Raj Ojha