Performance tests are key for identifying the bottlenecks and optimize the network topology. The main indicator is the bandwidth, but also other values can be useful like latency, number of active users for each node, load average and RAM consumption of each node. The value of these quantities can vary greatly between the peak time and the night time, for this reason some of the measurements should be carried on in both these two moments. Some other measurements, which can affect the user experience, could instead be run just in the night time. To identify the night time we can’t relay on the router’s internal clock which could be years away from the actual time. So a method for getting the network-wide peak time will be sought. Each router in the network should separately run these tests, and for avoiding to influence each others’ results they should run at different times. This synchronization should be possible taking advantage of the LibreMesh architecture and the shared-state service.



Ilario Gelmetti


  • Jésica Giudice
  • Marcos Gutierrez