To develop String Processing Utilities for boosting mlpack library to manipulate string data types and to convert it into numeric datatype to apply machine learning algorithms.

Since most of the algorithm in mlpack have been written to handle numeric data type and as such it becomes important to convert string data type to numeric. By providing string utility function, we can convert string to numeric datatype and then can use a machine learning algorithm on it.

Also, data preprocessing is an important step involved in machine learning field to achieve high accuracy, and by providing string utility function, such as removing stop word, or removing punctuation, cleaning of string dataset could be achieved.

I have mentioned in the proposal, which function I would implement and how I would implement it and also have included the timeline. I have briefed about my background and have also added the relevant course work to account for the knowledge needed to build about the project.

I have raised pull request for many function along with the test, which are on review as of now. I would continue to sought out all the issues and looking forward to contribute to the organization.



Jeffin Sam


  • Mikhail Lozhnikov