My project is about porting, implementing and developing the features specifically, the Audio and Visual Feedback features of the Neurolab application (desktop version). Firstly, the project needs the development of the program modes in the Android application so that the user can select between the formers and get to launch the application and receive output/feedback accordingly. Then comes the development of the Audio and Visual Feedback features for the application. Now while developing these features it needs to get all the bases covered by coding all the possible classes (java files) and function modules for handling the background processes which can be achieved by taking some inspiration from the Neurophlex project. Animations need to be integrated and the app shall need UX/UI improvements for a better in-app experience. Details of the development process are further in my proposal.



Jaideep Prasad


  • Lorenz Gerber
  • Alessandro Volpato
  • Daniel J Blueman
  • Mario Behling
  • Avjeet Singh
  • Mishari Muqbil
  • Madhushanka Padmal