Advanced Node, Edge, Arrow Plugin Library

This plugin draws the desired types of nodes and arrows on a non-visible canvas. These dynamically drawn images are created in the browser as Blob type images and visualization of ccNetViz as texture.

These pre-prepared shapes will be added to the plugin.

The library will be able to draw the desired node and arrow graphs without compromising performance. Also, the plugin doesn't affect the core library still keep the core of library lightweight.

With this plugin ccNetViz can:

  • Basic geometric node and arrow styles
  • Interactive animations for node and arrow styles
    • Color transition effect
    • Shape transition effect
  • Custom node and arrow styles
    • Statistical node styles
      • Gauge chart
      • Pie chart
      • Doughnut chart
      • Radial histogram, etc.

With these developments, settings will be prepared and documented to enable the user to use them easily.


Caner Akda┼č


  • Ales Saska
  • Tom Helikar