DIRAC is a highly-scalable software used for accessing distributed resources from various distributed systems. DIRAC’s main contributor is LHCb and also its initiator. LHCb uses the different type of computing technologies in order to distribute and process the collected physics data and DIRAC is one the software which is used because of its scalability and the level of orchestration and monitoring it provides for the distributed resources which is the main requirement of the LHCb collaboration. Further, my task will be to upgrade DIRAC’s monitoring system further by assuring high-scalability as when the LHCb gets upgraded there can be an unpredictable type of data which needs to be molded easily by DIRAC for which we will use ElasticSearch which is one of the widely used NoSQL technology. With this, I will have to migrate the Service and Agent components and DIRAC's RequestManagementSystem and DataManagementSystem to support ES backend along with tests and documentation.



Pujan Mehta


  • Federico Stagni
  • Christophe Haen
  • Zoltan Mathe