Merge conflicts are part of every version control system structure. There can be situations in which some changes are necessary for a piece of software to function properly but, an unexpected merge conflict may lag the development workflow. The user may want to store a partially resolved merge-state if they have to fix an urgent bug. In the current scenario, they are only allowed to either fully resolve conflicts or abort the operation that led to conflicts by discarding the partially resolved state with conflicts. This project is about adding functionality to store an unresolved merge-state to help the user on such occasions. This lets the user do the required tasks at the moment in the same repository and get back later to the same merge-state and resume resolving conflicts. This project also adds functionality to let someone else do the conflict resolution for the user if they want by committing the conflicts and sharing it with other users.


Navaneeth Suresh


  • Pulkit Goyal
  • Sushil Khanchi
  • Sangeet Kumar Mishra