Integrate a testing and mocking framework to LibreMesh and provide the functionality needed to easily write new tests for actual or new code. Add tests for the core functions of LibreMesh.

LibreMesh as an embedded Operating System usually depends a lot on the underlying hardware. But, there are some parts of the code that don’t have that dependency, neither they depend on the network, or any particular state that the device could have. Also, there are many other cases were the states that one would like to achieve in order to reproduce a situation are complex or impractical. Unit testing the LibreMesh codebase will greatly help on approaching this two situations, and help having a much more robust solution for the communities it serves. Having automated unit testing integration test may improve the quality, the development speed, and shorten the release cycles of the LibreMesh software. Also, having tests that safeguard the core functionality may allow new developers to engage with the codebase with more confidence. For reviewers, it is also easier to understand and maintain code that has unit tests.



Santiago Piccinini


  • Nicolas Pace
  • Jésica Giudice