MuseScore currently supports playback for a majority of their elements. Chord Symbols, however, are purely visual and lack playback. When writing or arranging lead sheets, this can be an issue as the chord symbols detail the entire harmony of the piece. Additionally, others users may want to notate partial ideas or a skeleton of an idea that’s most easily represented with chord symbols. In these cases, this means that a user would only be able to hear a preview of the melody and nothing else. Unless the user is an experienced professional with strong audiation skills, being unable to physical hear the harmony of their music is an important setback.

This project aims to implement the playback of chord symbols in a flexible way to suit different styles and genres of music and be versatile for use with final scores as well as unfinished drafts. Completion of this project will allow users to work with greater efficiency and enhanced feedback on their scores as well as set up MuseScore for additional development in harmony.



Peter Vu


  • Marc Sabatella