New Camel website is a major migration of website. This work is focused on Camel 3 final release in September.

Tools used to generate the website:

  1. Git :- a source code management tool used to fetch document sources from different GitHub repositories.
  2. Node.js :- a JavaScript runtime used to build the website. You will need to use Node.js version 10.
  3. yarn :- a blazing fast dependency and package manager tool used to download and manage required libraries.
  4. Gulp :- a task automation tool. Used to build the Camel Antora UI theme.
  5. Hugo :- a static site generator. Simplified, it takes the documentation from the content folder and applies templates from the layouts folder and together with any resources in static folder generates output in the public folder.
  6. Antora :- a documentation site generator. It uses Asciidoc documents from different sources in the Camel and Camel K repositories where user manual and component reference documentation resides and renders them for inclusion in this website.
  7. Maven (optional) :- a build tool used to run the complete website generating process


Nayananga Muhandiram


  • Andrea Cosentino
  • Zoran Regvart