This project is divided into two parts, namely, building a matcher.js library and revamping Public Lab's Leaflet.DistortableImage repository, a helper module for Mapknitter.

The matcher.js library essentially consists of the following components.

  • matcher-core: This module employs the ORB(Oriented FAST and Rotated BRIEF) algorithm to automate pattern detection using the well-known FAST(Features from Accelerated Segment Test) keypoint detector and the BRIEF(Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features) descriptor technologies, which provide appreciable performance boosts on low computational costs.
  • matcher-cli: A Node-based CLI utility to headlessly test custom matcher-core configurations, for different purposes such as testing, demonstration, debugging issues, etc, matcher-cli enables headless support for all of these tasks, and can easily integrate (and automate) with your choice of CI.

This project also incorporates Public Lab's Leaflet.DistortableImage library overhaul for the better half of its duration. For more information, checkout this branch of my fork of the same repository.



Pranshu Srivastava


  • Jeffrey Warren
  • Sagarpreet Chadha-1
  • Igor Wilbert
  • Harshith
  • Sasha Boginsky