The project consists of developing an interface, in Lua, for the set of Cloud IoT Core APIs, through two REST resources:
  • cloudiot methods, to facilitate device manager tasks
  • cloudiotdevice methods, to facilitate device communication over the HTTP bridge
The Proof of Concept
  • Another task is to provide a Proof of Concept by using a real world device such as NodeMCU/Raspberry Pi interfaced with temperature sensor to send the temperature data over to the Google Cloud IoT Core.
  • Doing the reverse, sending the data to the device using the Google Cloud IoT Core. We expect this data to be a Code Snippet, which would run dynamically on the device every time it is interrupted by the new code received.
Development of a software interface with REST support in Lua
  • With a minimal GUI this application will make the life of a person using Lua REST APIs easier by providing a simple interface to send and receive data from an endpoint.
  • Testing would be done using the Proof of Concept developed above.



Gaurav Kumar-1


  • Fernando Jefferson