• Moksh Mahajan

    Android Field Operations App Version 6
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    Field Officer Application is an application developed for the Bank staff field officer to keep track of Clients, Centers, Groups, Loan Account,...
  • Saif Abdul Cassim

    Android SDK tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    I plan to package Kotlin 1.1.1 so that the android sdk tools packages that depend on Kotlin can finally be packaged. I am also planning on updating...
  • Katerina

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    The aim of this project is to package additional Android SDK Tools in Debian and to update some packaged Android SDK Tools to the latest upstream...
  • Ayush Agarwal

    Android Support Annotations
    Organization: Checker Framework
    Currently, Android uses its own annotations that are similar to some in the Checker Framework. Examples include the @NonNull, @IntRange, @IntDef, and...
  • Wolf-Legend

    Androphsy(OpenMF) - Redesign and Develop Backend in Python
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    To convert the Androphsy(OpenMF) backend to python
  • Akash Srivastava

    Annotate Apache Commons Lang with Index Checker.
    Organization: Checker Framework
    The aim of this project is to carry out a rigorous and deep case study of Index Checker by annotating Apache Commons Lang with the same. The plan of...
  • Yong Zheng Xin

    Annotating NewsScape with FrameNet 1.7 and Expanding FrameNet with BabelNet and Deep Structured Semantic Models
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    This project sets out to achieve two goals. The first objective is to update the annotation system for Red Hen’s NewsScape dataset to FrameNet 1.7...
  • Dimitris Katsiros

    Anonymisation Through Data Encryption of Sensitive Data in ODT and Text Files in Greek Language
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    The GDPR defines pseudonymization and the processing of personal data in such a way that the data can no longer be attributed to a specific data...
  • Jeevan

    antiSmash submission redesign
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    antiSmash run multiple instances of the submission page, depending on whether people want to analyse bacterial or fungal sequences, or run the...
  • Manikaran Singh

    Aossie Scholar
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    The project is related to Google Scholar profiles and metrics. Many researchers have a Google Scholar profile. It is used by people to see how many...
  • Cameron McWilliams

    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    The project proposes the creation of content bringing content inspired by the Forestry and ExtraBees mods for Minecraft to Terasology. The content...
  • Sarthak Srivastava

    App Store for Cytoscape Apps
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    I am interested in the project “Appstore for the Cytoscape App” with Alex Pico, Barry Demchak and Scooter Morris as its mentor. My goals for the...
  • Songchao Wang

    App Store-like Plugin Manager
    Organization: MuseScore
    MuseScore functionality can be extended by plugins. Discovering the compatible plugins and installing them however is currently a manual job. You...
  • Andreas Pronosa

    APP4MC capable Real-Time applications on embedded Systems
    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    We want to execute real-time applications using a RTOS on typical heterogeneous embedded systems and compare the results with APP4MC. In order to...
  • Mehul Kumar Nirala

    Application of ANN Algorithms Implemented in mlpack
    Organization: mlpack
    Application of ANN algorithms implemented in mlpack. Implementation of VGG 19 for Image Classification. LSTM Networks for Sentiment Analysis. LSTM...
  • Aniruddha Banerjea

    Apply Numba Project Wide
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Numba is a JIT(just in time) compiler that compiles a given section of the code(specified by the user) at a given time instead of compiling the...
  • Charusso

    Apply the Clang Static Analyzer to LLVM-based projects
    Organization: LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    The idea is to improve the Clang Static Analyzer so that it is useful for developers who work on Clang and LLVM themselves, as well as on other...
  • Srijan Verma

    Applying machine learning techniques to characterising and naming lncRNA genes
    Organization: Genes, Genomes and Variation
    Advances in RNA sequencing technologies have revealed the complexity of our genome. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) make up the majority of the...
  • Arnav Mandal

    Approximately Similar file detection in DeltaCode
    Organization: AboutCode.org
    DeltaCode is a tool to compare and report scan differences. It takes JSON files as an input which is the output of ScanCode-toolkit as well. When...
  • mvpant

    ARTful Buffer Manager
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    The main goal of this project is to implement and evaluate an adaptive radix tree as an alternative to the current underlying data structure of...
  • Aayush Surana

    ASCII art to Purr Data diagram conversion
    Organization: Purr Data
    The goal is to work on a GUI interface where the user can either type or paste in ASCII art for a Purr Data diagram and have it converted to a...
  • Anubhav Sinha

    Asking students why they picked a particular answer
    Organization: Oppia Foundation
    A feature to the lesson player that allows students to explain how they arrived at a (wrong) answer. The aim of this feature is to encourage...
  • Andra Danciu

    ASoC codec driver
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    The goal of the project is to write a driver for I2S Stereo Decoder - UDA1334A
  • Raghav Shankar

    Asynchronous Cached File Access for Godot Engine
    Organization: Godot Engine
    This project aims to add a more flexible asynchronous file system cache server as an engine module. It will cache any IO operations, and provide more...
  • Andrei Stanila

    Attachments Module Enhancements
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Create new UI for Attachments Module Enhancements using React and testing it using Jest framework.
  • Mohammed Rahman

    Attendance password rotation/expiry
    Organization: Moodle
    The attendance plugin provides the ability for teachers to display a QR code to allow students to take their own attendance, the QR code is currently...
  • Jaladh Singhal

    Auto-generate Filter Curves & Photometry
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The main objective of this project is to create such interfaces (by the means of various visualizations of the library) that makes it easier for user...
  • Suraj

    Automate Reinforcement Process in FreeCAD
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    This project is to automate Reinforcement process by using Rebar Addon in FreeCAD. The idea is to create UI on top of the current implementation to...
  • Daniel Marshall

    Automated requirements checking as a GHC plugin
    Organization: Haskell.Org
    The aim of this project would be to create a GHC plugin that allows instructors to define requirements for the code within a project and...
  • Aashish Agarwal

    Automatic Speech Recognition for European Language (German)
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    This project aims to build an ASR pipeline for European Language (German) and it must be built as a Singularity container on the Case HPC and put...
  • Patel Drumil

    Automating configuration for Assignment uploads
    Organization: Submitty
    Autograding is one of the greatest features which makes the instructor work more easier. It helps the instructor by grading score without reading the...
  • Karan Sheth

    Automating Packaging for Macports
    Organization: MacPorts
    While creating a Portfile for MacPorts one has to manually write the file or depending on the upstream use tools such as pypi2port, cpan2port, etc....
  • Mithilesh Kohale

    Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components
    Organization: OpenMRS
    This Project Aims to improve the openmrs-reacts-component repository. Add a bunch of components Create a open web app out it of so that people can...
  • Vaibhav Anand

    Awesome Demo Game Project
    Organization: Catrobat
    An old-school survival game made using Pocket Code IDE and Tested on the Android Architecture. The basic gameplay is made up of different levels...
  • Ajay Sharvesh M P

    Awesome Game Demo Project - The Binding of Krishna
    Organization: Catrobat
    The Binding of Krishna (TBoK) is the game which was recreated by our team, and the Game Play concept is designed from the famous game called "The...
  • Nira Tubert

    AXIOM Remote: miscellaneous drawing and management tasks
    Organization: apertus° Association
    Working on the AXIOM Remote hardware
  • Atul Nair

    Organization: Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society
    Ayanda is an Open Source Android Library that makes it easy to discover nearby devices and share files through a simple API. Ayanda is meant to...
  • Nick Rozinsky

    BAM to ADAM converter on Sambamba’s base
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    This project is aimed to build an efficient BAM format to ADAM format converter utilizing Sambamba library base.
  • Ravindra Kumar Meena

    Basic Support for Trace Compass
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    The goal of this project is to enable the Trace Compass to analyze and display some basic information using Event Recording infrastructure. Trace...
  • Jasmeet Singh

    Basic Viewers in CGAL: Extending viewers to new datastructures
    Organization: CGAL project
    CGAL provides now basic viewers, i.e. global functions allowing to visualize in 3D some CGAL data-structures. These small viewers are very usefull in...
  • Pawan Bhadu

    Bassa - Making installation of Bassa and containerize in a better way with efficient file storage
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    Bassa project is about making installation of Bassa easier for its users and containerizing in a better way to use available resources in efficient...
  • Vibhor Gupta

    Bassa: File Management and ACL
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    To scale Bassa from its current use of an internet download queueing micro-service to a full-fledged file management system for uploading resources...
  • Konstantinos Kyriakidis

    Batchtools for Compute Canada
    Organization: Canadian Center for Computational Genomics
    In this project we will work on the new CC systems (Beluga, Graham, Cedar, Niagara) and potentially mp2 trying to automate the setup of things like...
  • Juan Martín Loyola

    Bayesian Additive Regression Trees in PyMC3
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Bayesian Additive Regression Trees (BART) is a Bayesian nonparametric approach to estimating functions using regression trees. A BART model consist...
  • Patrick Podest

    BCF Support in BIM WB - FreeCAD
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    Collaboration is ingrained into human nature, without it we, as a species, wouldn’t be able to build astonishing buildings like we have today....
  • Sheriffo Ceesay

    Benchmark Module for Apache Gora
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Gora is an opensource framework which aims to give users an easy-to-use in-memory data model and persistence for big data frameworks with data...
  • Evelyn Cusi López

    Better and more refactorings for Pharo
    Organization: Pharo Consortium
    Refactoring tools help pharo developers to perform a number of predefined refactorings in automated fashion. However, besides the options provided by...
  • Ninad Bhat

    Better Periodic Boundary Handling
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Molecular simulations are predominantly ran under periodic boundary conditions, i.e., upon leaving one face of the simulation volume, you re-enter in...
  • tusooa

    Better undo/redo for Krita
    Organization: KDE Community
    Use snapshots (shallow copies of the document) instead of actions for the purposes of undo and redo in Krita. This simplifies the system and makes it...
  • Hans Goudey

    Bevel Custom Profiles
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    The bevel modifier is extremely powerful, but there is constantly a list of requested improvements that could expand its use case and speed up the...
  • David Méndez

    Bidirectional Integration — Paper Writing — LaTeX and JabRef 5.0
    Organization: JabRef
    The core of the proposal is a wide improvement of the LaTeX integration with JabRef, focusing on the end-user, whose characteristics have been...
  • Mo Zhou

    BLAS and LAPACK runtime switching
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    Abstract Classical numerical linear algebra libraries, BLAS and LAPACK play important roles in the scientific computing field. Various demands on...
  • Arpit Gupta

    Block header parsing tool
    Organization: GNU Radio
    A python based tool that can interact with GNU Radio block headers written in C++, to automatically parse them and extract information about them...
  • Miral Shah

    Boost GIL
    Organization: Boost C++
    In this project, new Image processing algorithms will be introduced which will expand the scope of Boost.GIL and provide more functionality to the...
  • Olzhas Zhumabek

    Boost GIL proposal
    Organization: Boost C++
    Proposal describes epipolar geometry tools that I would like to implement. The algorithms that I would like to implement: KAZE feature detector and...
  • Sagnik Dey

    Organization: Boost C++
    My goal will be to finish up the details and missing functionality of the Boost.Real library created during the previous GSoC and get it to review...
  • Kimberly Swanson

    Boost.Real: Improving Complexity
    Organization: Boost C++
    Real serves to tackle the pervasive problem of inaccuracy that arises from floating point arithmetic. However, there is still much to be done to get...
  • Aperjump

    Organization: Boost C++
    A library for creating data structure with same functionality as DataFrame in R or pandas
  • Egor Namakonov

    Boosting data race detection by extinguishing state explosion
    Organization: The Java Pathfinder Team
    [Nakade et al. 2018] proposed to model check Habanero programs using only one program run. This project aims to further reduce state space being...
  • Ayeshmantha Perera

    Boostrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Build an inventory of the features present in the legacy UI that need to be moved to OWAs Replace existing JSP UI with OWA based on React Components...
  • Manas Awasthi

    BridgeDb Major Release
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    BridgeDb is a platform used for identifier mapping in WikiPathways and PathVisio with support for various languages like as a Cytoscape plugin, as an...
  • amCap1712

    Bring back MusicBrainz for Android to Life
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation Inc
    MusicBrainz for Android was first created in 2010-11 as a part of GSoC. Since 2015, no updates have been made to the project. The app is currently...
  • Sarthak Singhal

    Bringing Boost.Astronomy to review-ready state
    Organization: Boost C++
    In this project I would like to focus on implementing the following things: Implement Boost::unit with Boost::astronomy::coordinate to provide a...
  • Pranam Lashkari

    Bringing Boost.Astronomy to review-ready state
    Organization: Boost C++
    The project is divided into two parts. Integrating Boost.Units with the existing coordinate system in the library. It will provide a better, robust...
  • Thomas Ferrand

    Bringing Boost.SafeFloat to review-ready state
    Organization: Boost C++
    Floating point number operation are not guaranteed to hold correct results. A certain range of errors can occur silently (overflow, underflow,...
  • makkoncept

    Browser Extension for Creative Commons
    Organization: Creative Commons
    This project aims to create a plugin for other platforms to help Creative Commons users. Since freedom is given on choosing the platform and tools, I...
  • NoraCodes

    Build a qual.net network simulator to enable automated testing
    Organization: freifunk
    qual.net’s Rust rewrite will enable improved modularity, performance, and security, but rewriting an entire system in a new and rapidly evolving...
  • Parth Sharma

    Build CHAOSS Risk and Growth Maturity and Decline Metrics in Augur
    Organization: CHAOSS
    Augur is fully functional prototyping web stack for CHAOSS metrics. It provides structured data mined from git repositories using a plugin...
  • Bingwen Ma

    Build CHAOSS Risk and Growth Maturity and Decline Metrics in Augur
    Organization: CHAOSS
    The project aims are to implement Risk metrics and other metrics within the Growth-Maturity-Decline CHAOSS metrics and use cases using Augur,...
  • Lorenz Hofmann-Wellenhof

    Build tools that bridge OpenAPI and gRPC
    Organization: API Client Tools at Google
    Creating APIs should be as easy as writing a “Hello World” program. Therefore, the Google APIs team is working on different tools to accomplish that...
  • Rumman Waqar

    Building a Gazebo overlay for RobotX simulator
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    The Virtual RobotX (VRX) competition is an international, university-level competition aimed at developing a vehicle in a Gazebo-based simulation...
  • Aman Singh Thakur

    Building a Python-based Analysis tool for AWAKE experiment
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    Building a library that reads a large number of HDF files and builds a database. Add support for searching and loading multiple datasets,...
  • Tulja Vamshi Kiran

    Building a Web-based Honeypot & Reporting Threat Intelligence
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    The objective is to build a web-based Honeypot project by identifying the emerging attacks against web applications and report them to the community,...
  • Or Hadad

    Bundler and gem metrics, statistics and analytics
    Organization: Ruby
    Bundler includes some basic information in the User-Agent header during HTTP requests to gem servers, but this information is insufficient and...
  • Vishnu M

    C Header File Parser in Lua Using Clang AST
    Organization: LabLua
    Pallene, the statically typed sister language of Lua requires a Foreign Function Interface(FFI) to C. As a starting point, there is a need to create...
  • Aditya Bhagat

    CAD GUI pre-processor
    Organization: MBDyn - Multibody Dynamics
    MBDyn is a multibody dynamics solver which comes without any default graphical user interface for pre- and post-processing. This project is aimed at...
  • Nayananga Muhandiram

    CAMEL-11492 New Camel website
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    New Camel website is a major migration of http://camel.apache.org/ website. This work is focused on Camel 3 final release in September. Tools used to...
  • Roberto Flores

    CAMEL-9260 Dataformat Apache Any23
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This project will implement a new dataformat within Apache Camel. Concretely, the dataformat will cover the microformats standard through the...
  • Maandeep Singh

    Carbon-footprint Alexa
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Carbon footprint is a project which provides the users with information related to emission of Carbon, Ethane and Nitrous Oxide when they perform...
  • himanshu chhabra

    Carbonfootprint for IOS and UI improvements
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Carbonfootprint is available on android play store and this project tries to make this app more accessible by implementing its IOS counterpart and...
  • Dhruv Bhanushali

    CC Vocabulary and CC Search
    Organization: Creative Commons
    CC Vocabulary is a design system, a collection of UI components, available both as CSS stylesheets and minified JS, as well as Vue components, that...
  • Himanshu Jotwani

    ccNetViz Project : Advanced Custom Label And Text Formatting
    Organization: Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    The Purpose of this project is to add advanced label formatting features to the ccNetviz library for graph Visualizations without affecting the...
  • Ram Prasath Govindarajan

    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    The CDGen is an application using Eclipse APP4MC for code generation using the System Model to enhance cost-effectiveness and decreasing the chance...
  • Amaan Iqbal

    CDLI - Search Results Visualizations
    Organization: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
    CDLI has rich geographical and temporal data at its disposal. Currently, this information is not fully utilized. Although the data schema is being...
  • Shaily

    CentOS CI User Frontend
    Organization: Fedora Project
    This project involves building a webapp to replace the current user onboarding flow for centos.ci.org
  • Charles Escott

    CERN Awkward Array Project
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    At CERN, the data from LHC collisions requires complex data types and functions to be processed. As a solution, the awkward-array library makes...
  • Mohit Tyagi

    CERNBox: Bring Your Own Application
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    CERNBox provides cloud data storage to all CERN users to store, share and synchronize their data across all devices. It is integrated with variety of...
  • Hansika Perera

    ChainKeeper - Optimized Bitcoin blockchain parser for memory constrained devices
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    Bitcoin blockchain is a huge data structure with 180+GB in size. Due to this huge size,​ available Bitcoin parsers take several hours to parse the...
  • Poornima Rangoda

    ChainKeeper - Optimized Blockchain Analytical Interface for ChainKeeper
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    Currently, ChainKeeper is working as a web application which can use for the retrieve blockchain data for any kind of purposes. And it has an inbuilt...
  • P23

    Change Management Tool
    Organization: Fedora Project
    A tool for the Managers and the contributors to proposal/edit/approve changes as per fedoras change process.
  • Junye Wen

    Checking Assertions with Symbolic Pathfinder
    Organization: The Java Pathfinder Team
    Symbolic execution is a powerful analysis to systematically check assertions in programs. However, the already notorious scalability problem of...
  • Ziyi Liu

    Chinese Pipeline
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    Red Hen gathers Chinese broadcasts to make data sets for NLP, OCR, audio, and video pipelines. Currently, Red Hen have a preliminary ASR pipeline but...
  • Peter Vu

    Chord Symbol Improvements
    Organization: MuseScore
    MuseScore currently supports playback for a majority of their elements. Chord Symbols, however, are purely visual and lack playback. When writing or...
  • Amardeep Kumar

    Chrome Extension for Fake News , Click-Bait and Toxic Comment Detection using AI
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Fake news has become increasingly prevalent over the last few years. Fake news's adverse effect can be seen more and more as people’s reach to social...
  • Praduman Goyal

    Circular RNA analytics frontend
    Organization: Genes, Genomes and Variation
    The project aims to deliver a responsive web-based analytics dashboard, integrated to an in-house catalogue of circRNAs identified from multiple...
  • Perman Atayev

    CiSE layout as a Cytoscape.js extension and an automated layout web service for popular Cytoscape.js layout extensions
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    Automated layout web service with an integrated converter, to change the format of the data, would be of great use for people who want to quickly and...
  • Vaishnav M A

    Clickboard Support Under Greybus
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    Click boards are a flagship hardware product line of MikroElektronika with over 600 add-on boards ranging from wireless connectivity clicks to Human...
  • Lakindu Gunasekara

    CLocal Azure Project Proposal - GSoC 2019
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    CLocal Azure will be an easy to use emulation engine for the users of azure cloud services. In this project the users will be able to test/mock the...
  • Wenjie Sun

    Clonal evolution visualization web-tools
    Organization: cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics
    The sequencing technology produces the DNA sequence information of tumor cells. And cBioPortal is one of the leading web-tools which collected tumor...
  • Ish Hitesh Bosamiya

    Cloth Simulator Improvement
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    Blender has had a cloth simulator for quite a while now. It is based on a system that now needs major changes. A lot of research has been done in...
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