• Athina Plaskasoviti

    Cloud-init configuration for virt-install/virt-manager
    Organization: Libvirt
    Cloud-init configuration through virt-install/virt-manager input arguments at VM initial setup. Cloud-init is a package that contains utilities for...
  • Rocco Meli

    CNN Scoring for Flexible Docking
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    Molecular docking—the prediction of binding modes and binding affinity of a molecule to a target of known structure—is a great computational tool for...
  • Suyash Bajpai

    co-oCCur: High speed subtitle synchronization tool
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    For an ideal subtitle file, the subtitles are perfectly aligned with the base audiovisual content. In other words, the audio and the corresponding...
  • Aniruddha Mysore

    Cockpit : The Red Hen Monitoring System
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    This project automates the task of sensing the health of the many Red Hen Lab remote capture stations, which are Raspberry Pi devices, and provides a...
  • Jenna Xu

    Code Slang
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    Code Slang is a javascript library that is flexible, intuitive and human; whose syntax resembles natural language more than programming language;...
  • Stefania Mak

    Coding Tutorial Game for Female Teenagers
    Organization: Catrobat
    A game to introduce female teenagers to Catrobat's programming learning app. The game's users will have the opportunity to learn how to code with the...
  • Rohan Bhambhoria

    Cohesive Editor Support
    Organization: coala
    The main purpose of this project is to make the text-editors of coala more robust and active. This will be done through ensuring that the plugins are...
  • casals

    Collective Behavior in Terasology
    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    The objective of this project is to Improve the behavior mechanism in Terasology in order to allow collective behaviors among multiple actors....
  • Mritunjay Goutam

    Common Voice - WebAssembly MP3 Encoding
    Organization: Mozilla
    I will work to find WebAssembly based solution for missing mediaRecorder API for browsers like Safari and Edge. By using native mp3 encoder that will...
  • Wathsara Daluwatta

    Community App Using Go Social Framework - Animal Rescue App
    Organization: SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab)
    A common sight on today’s streets is the number of abandoned animals languishing on the streets suffering with injuries and disease and live without...
  • Ankit Kataria

    Community Platform Improvements
    Organization: CircuitVerse.org
    Improving the overall platform with the aim to increase the user-base. Involves several feature additions including featured circuits and search...
  • Rishabh Rawat

    Community Toolbox Overhaul
    Organization: Public Lab
    Community-toolbox allows everybody to take a look at the activities going on in the PublicLab projects, helps in welcoming newcomers. It plays a...
  • Mohd Malik Naik

    Complete Porting of Icon API to Drupal 8
    Organization: Drupal
    Introduction This project is about porting the Icon API module from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. About Icon API The “Icon API” module provides the...
  • Sanyam Dogra

    Complete the React Web Toolkit
    Organization: Developers Italia
    Among the projects followed by the Developers Italia community, there are few Kits to help web development phase, that are based on a shared design...
  • Arihant Parsoya

    Completing P5.py API and Improving Documentation
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    The aim of this project is to make P5.py ready for public use by completing the APIs to make it on par with Processing and P5.js. Examples and...
  • Thien Hoang

    Compute a shortest non-contractible cycle on a surface
    Organization: CGAL project
    A new package about the computation of some topological invariants on surfaces is under development in CGAL. The goal of this project is to add a new...
  • Muskaan

    Computer Vision based Alpha Matting
    Organization: OpenCV
    This project aims to integrate some of the computer vision based alpha matting algorithms into OpenCV. Alpha matting refers to the problem of softly...
  • Apoorva M K

    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    The PPI (Poverty Probability Index) is a powerful tool to measure poverty index and also a yard stick to measure the progress and impact of poverty...
  • Vishal Thamizharasan

    Computer vision challenge for the cuneiform script
    Organization: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
    The current display system used at CDLI requires that a user reads a text to absorb visual and text information simultaneously, and to interpret the...
  • Garvit Dewan

    Concurrent-Safe Memory Reclamation Systems
    Organization: Chapel
    Currently Chapel has support for ‘shared’ lifetime-managed objects, which is implemented using reference-counting. Unfortunately reference counting...
  • Darjilla Haripriya Reddy

    Condition List Project
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Condition list is a list of diagnoses, symptoms, or findings that are being tracked over time (i.e. across encounters)
  • Lavanya Gaur

    Conflict Resolution and Offline Support for the AeroGear Android SDK
    Organization: JBoss Community
    The aim is to extend Data Sync ( Data Synchronization using Voyager Framework ) to android by porting of the current aerogear-js-SDK (in which it is...
  • ikstream

    ConTest - Wireless resource allocation algorithm testing framework
    Organization: freifunk
    This project provides a framework for reproducible wireless resource allocation algorithm testing. This will ease the benchmarking and the...
  • HastagAB

    Continuation of Atarashi OSS
    Organization: FOSSology Project
    Atarashi scans for license statements in open source software, focusing on text statistics. Designed to work stand-alone and with FOSSology. Right...
  • Yiming Wu

    Continued development on LANPR engine for Blender
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    LANPR is a fast and accurate 3D NPR feature line rendering engine developed for Blender 2.8 NPR branch. This project is aimed to complete the...
  • Nancy Chauhan

    Continuous Integration for Hardware Projects on LibreCores CI
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    Librecores provides a platform to share projects and ideas, in the area of free and open source digital hardware design. Librecores CI is an...
  • Mrinal Wahal

    Continuous Integration of Research Data
    Organization: INCF
    A GIN micro-service which allows the users to design efficient workflows for their work - probably by automating Snakemake, and build the workflows...
  • Fenn25

    Continuous Integration Testing (Automation) for Submitty.
    Organization: Submitty
    Infrastructure management is an important part of every project as we are always faced with the need to make regular releases of new features and...
  • Ishan Joshi

    Continuum Mechanics: Creating a Rich Beam Solver and Extending continuum mechanics module
    Organization: SymPy
    The project aims at creating a rich beam module and also extending the current continuum mechanics module by integrating cross-sectional geometries...
  • Nupur Agrawal

    Convert UI to Bootstrap 4
    Organization: phpMyAdmin
    Currently, the frontend of PMA is inconsistent and full of small issues. Its high time we switch from custom-written stylesheets to some more...
  • Sajeer Ahamed Riyaf

    Converting GStreamer plugins to Rust
    Organization: GNOME
    GStreamer plugins are written in C and the developers are pursuing in an attempt to convert them to Rust which is more robust and easy to maintain. I...
  • Vishal V

    Core Model Migration to TF 2.0
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Re-building the official Tensorflow models to make it TF 2.0 compatible. This project proposes holistic improvements to the models repository to...
  • Julian Eisel

    Core Support of Virtual Reality Headsets through OpenXR
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    Implementation of core features needed for XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) headsets via the new OpenXR specification (currently in...
  • Oliver Ford

    cpVis: Interactive visualization for change point exploration and labeling
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    A changepoint is typically defined as a point in time where the distribution of a data-stream changes in a distinct manner, for example, typically...
  • Adeel Zafar

    Create a Kiwix Hotspot application.
    Organization: Kiwix
    Create a Kiwix hotspot application that would be an extension to the kiwix android application. It would allow the users to share their ZIM Files...
  • AdityaJ

    Create a subpage for statistics and charts related to a hashtag search
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    There are various Wikimedia projects that are edited by volunteers around the world. Hashtag Search is a tool that allows users to search for uses of...
  • Hrishi Patel

    Create a Sugar Dashboard
    Organization: Sugar Labs
    Sugar Dashboard, a user dashboard which shows user information like last activity opened, last project opened, activities installed on your device,...
  • Inzamam Iqbal

    Create a user interface for Ganga that allows for the execution of tasks inside user specified virtual machines.
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    Ganga is used to execute a user defined computational task on a distributed back-end. Through this project we let the users define the environment in...
  • Héctor Tundidor

    Create of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop
    Organization: OSGeo
    The project consists of the creation of three new topological rules in the gvSIG desktop toolbox. These rules are '' Must be disjoint '', "Must not...
  • Hiroyuki Katsura

    Create Rust bindings for libguestfs
    Organization: Libvirt
    Libguestfs provides a set of tools for communicating with virtual machine disk images. By using this, you can view or edit a file on almost any disk...
  • Nikhil Maan

    Creating a C and Fortran Parser for SymPy
    Organization: SymPy
    The project is aimed at making SymPy able to convert code from Fortran/C into SymPy expressions. After completion and implementation of this project,...
  • Paul Pauls

    Creating Neuroevolution Framework for Tensorflow 2.0, preimplementing 'Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies' (NEAT)
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Implementing a framework for Neuroevolution in Tensorflow 2.0, providing a variety of preimplemented Neuroevolution algorithms, genomes and...
  • Alessandro Vannoni

    Creating plots based on DAF data
    Organization: Developers Italia
    This project involves the creation and refinement of a tool to create plots, using the Data & Analytics Framework APIs or graphql based on DAF data....
  • Sahil Jajodia

    Creation and usage of disposable Spark on Kubernetes cluster from SWAN notebook
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    This project aims to develop a Jupyter notebook plugin which deploys Spark required services to a kubernetes cluster on OpenStack cloud at CERN....
  • Panagiotis Antoniadis

    Creation of an online Greek mail dictation system, using Sphinx and personalized acoustic/language model training
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    The purpose of the project is the implementation of an online Greek mail dictation system. In practice, the user will dictate the mail that wants to...
  • María Belen Guaranda

    Creative Commons-Visualize CC Catalog data
    Organization: Creative Commons
    There is no larger compendium of shared human knowledge and creativity than the Commons, including over 1.4 billion digital works available under CC...
  • Anna A. Soboleva

    Cross-language analysis of U.S.-Russian relations via Twitter (Task 3) or early Alzheimer syndrome detection in speech analysis (Task 9)
    Organization: CLiPS, University of Antwerp
    Cross-language analysis of U.S.-Russian relations (Task 3) Tweets from US democrats (or just anyone actively opposing Trump's presidency) and Russian...
  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Crowdalert is a hybrid mobile application built on react-native, which helps in reporting, and viewing incidents around the globe. My work will...
  • Aayush Dutt

    Cruise Website integration and Improving DevOps
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    This task focuses on improving DevOps for Carbon Footprint Web Extension along with adding new features so that new users can benefit from the...
  • Piyush Raikwar

    CuPy automatic fallback to NumPy
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    NumPy is the fundamental and most widely used library in Python for scientific computation. But it is executed over CPU only. So, we have CuPy with...
  • Ashley Kang

    Curating Community Creativity for p5.js 1.0
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    This project involves showcasing people and their work for http://p5js.org/ on the occasion of the upcoming 1.0 release to celebrate the power of...
  • Diego Velazquez

    Curating Deep Nets for the OpenCV DNN Module
    Organization: OpenCV
    The OpenCV's DNN Module allows us to run inference on a pre-trained Deep Neural Network in order to accomplish high end vision tasks with just a few...
  • Utsav Shukla

    Curbing toxic/abusive language, Click-bait News through AI in Social Street Smart
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Broadly I propose to implement, test and document the following features in Social Street Smart: (1) Hate Speech Detection using Deep Learning and...
  • Bowen Hu

    Cycle-accurate Verilog Design Simulation Integration
    Organization: GNU Radio
    Hardware accelerators are necessary or at least desirable in many SDR systems. GNU Radio provides an open and free platform for designing real time...
  • Eleftheria

    CZML Extractor for poliastro
    Organization: Open Astronomy
    Poliastro aims to be an open source library for aiding Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics. However, a lack of interactive visualization tools is...
  • Jonas Hungershausen

    Dart support for the Eclipse IDE
    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    Dart is a recent programming language. Originally proposed by a team at Google in 2010, its main purposes were to be a flexible, but structured...
  • Rohan K

    Data pipeline for exchange of genomic variation between public repositories
    Organization: Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
    The main goal of this project is to implement a mechanism to be in sync with the latest human data submitted to dbSNP. Once imported, this...
  • Sarvesh Mehta

    Data Processor Enhancement
    Organization: CiviCRM
    The Data processor Extension (created by Jaap) provides a user interface to create custom search screens and custom APIs. It saves time by removing...
  • Dilshat Salikhov

    Data repository service
    Organization: Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
    The Data Repository Service (DRS) API provides a generic interface to data repositories so data consumers, including workflow systems, can access...
  • harshitbansal05

    Data Retriever: Extract Scripts into Separate System
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    The Data Retriever is a package manager for data. The Data Retriever automatically finds, downloads and pre-processes publicly available datasets and...
  • Karthik Ramesh Iyer

    Data Visualization library for Swift
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Swift for TensorFlow is a Swift library that helps develop and train ML models. Data Visualization can be helpful when exploring a dataset. It helps...
  • Ben Ubah

    Data-Driven Exploration of the R Community
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    This project proposes to build an infrastructure that helps the R community explore R user groups, R-Ladies groups and past R-GSoC projects using a...
  • Prateek Nayak

    Dataframes for D
    Organization: D Programming Language
    This project aims at bringing native dataframes to D Programming Language. The main task would be to implement a dataframe which supports...
  • Krishnan Iyer

    dav1d ARM NEON optimization
    Organization: VideoLAN
    The project deals with analysing the implemented C functions and then implementing their corresponding assembly function using NEON registers and...
  • Pablo Stebler

    dav1d compute shaders
    Organization: VideoLAN
    This project will provide initial infrastructure to make dav1d capable of offloading some work to the GPU using shaders and APIs such as OpenGL,...
  • Arda Akdemir

    De-Bruijn Graph Constructor Package for De-novo Genome Assembly
    Organization: The Julia Language
    De-novo sequence assembly is the process of constructing a contiguous long sequence out of shorter sub-sequences produced by sequencing platforms,...
  • Binguo Bao

    de-TOAST'ing using an iterator
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    This project would aim to provide the ability to de-TOAST a fully TOAST'd and compressed field using an iterator, and then update the appropriate...
  • Arthur Diniz

    Debian Cloud Image Finder
    Organization: Debian
    This project aims to develop a web application that will make it easier for users to find official Debian cloud images.
  • Jaskaran Singh

    Debian Patch Porting System
    Organization: Debian
    Traditional patching methods require a lot of investigation, looking for the right patch, applying it, compiling, failing, and trying again. The...
  • Dhyey Thakore

    Debugger Inline Variable Preview
    Organization: Mozilla
    In the Debugger tab of the Firefox DevTools when the debugger is paused on a breakpoint users can see the values of variables by hovering over them....
  • Bruna Pinos

    Debugging Model Performance in TensorBoard Guide
    Organization: TensorFlow
    TensorBoard is a TensorFlow tool for models visualization. It can generate histograms, graph and help debug and improve the neural network. To help...
  • Shoumik Dey

    Decoding of ADSB and Multi-Lateral positioning
    Organization: AerospaceResearch.net
    This project is focused on tracking aircrafts with ADS-B messages. The aim is to make a smooth tracking method when the aircraft fails to report its...
  • Fanny Monori

    Deep learning based super-resolution algorithms based on OpenCV DNN
    Organization: OpenCV
    Super Resolution is a subset of algorithms that aim to up-sample a lower quality image to a higher quality one. It’s goal is to create an up-sampled...
  • Vinay Pandramish

    Deep Learning based Visual Recommendations
    Organization: Biomedical Informatics, Emory University
    We come up with models that give the effective and efficient visualizations as recommendations to the given input. Current visualization tools...
  • Ajay Subramanian

    Deep Learning in Spiking Neural Networks using GeNN
    Organization: INCF
    Building a library that enables conversion of Tensorflow deep neural network models to corresponding Spiking Neural Network architectures, with...
  • Ronet Swaminathan

    Deep learning model for sepsis prediction using high-frequency data
    Organization: CBMI@UTHSC
    Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body's response to an infection. The body normally releases chemicals into the...
  • Utkarsh Barsaiyan

    Deeper Nextcloud Integration
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    This project aims to improve the existing Nextcloud integration within Rocket.Chat. Seamless authentication and improving the UI and UX of the file...
  • Tinko Sebastian Bartels

    Delaunay Triangulation and Random Geometries for Boost.Geometry
    Organization: Boost C++
    The goals of this project are to add capabilities for computing Delaunay Triangulations/Voronoi Diagrams and for generating random geometries to the...
  • Cnly

    Dendrite: Feature Completion in Multiple Areas + General Fixes/Improvements
    Organization: Matrix.org
    Feature completion for the Client/Server API, Sync Server, Room Server, and Federation component, plus various fixes and improvements to Dendrite and...
  • Xuewei Meng

    Derain Filter in FFmpeg
    Organization: FFmpeg
    Rain and fog are very common weather in actual life. However, it can affect the visibility. Especially in heavy rain, rain streaks from various...
  • Tharsanan Kurukulasingam

    Design and Create CLion plugin for CPAchecker execution
    Organization: Software and Computational Systems Lab at LMU Munich
    CPAChecker is a framework which can be used as a software verification tool for C programs. We can use CPAchecker locally by command line interface...
  • Xinyu You

    Design and develop an online deep learning course for humanists
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    This Project goal is to design and develops an online course, to teach deep learning for students in the humanities and social sciences. The course...
  • Naga Sai Abhinay

    Design and Development of Demos and Tools
    Organization: Project PANOPTES
    As part of the project, I intend to build simulations and demos along with introductory animations about exoplanets, their descriptions and the...
  • Konrad Dębiec

    Designing RetroShare for Android with chat backend improvements
    Organization: freifunk
    Retroshare is a highly sophisticated communication platform which is accessible only on desktops. This project aims to develop a mobile application...
  • Ahmed Essam

    Organization: shogun.ml
    The aim of the project is to dive into the internals of Shogun, refactor and clean old code, and apply modern C++ principles. This includes: ...
  • Kirill Nagaitsev

    Dev Server Refactor
    Organization: webpack
    The Webpack Dev Server is designed to make development of Webpack projects efficient, customizable, and possible on older browsers. During this...
  • Sharapat Kalabaev

    Develop a releasable Uzbek-Qaraqalpaq translation pair
    Organization: Apertium
    In this project I am going to create a new translation pair between Uzbek and Qaraqalpaq. There is no other single translator between these two...
  • Rammanoj Potla

    Develop a tool for event organizers to track developer activity
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The project is to develop a tool to track the contributions of developers across the platforms like Gerrit, Phabricator and GitHub using the...
  • Ilaria Battiston

    Develop Performance Farm Database and Website
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    The Performance Farm is an useful way to test Postgres' functionalities while changes are being made, to analyze its efficacy on different operating...
  • Ayush Kumar Sinha

    Developer Web Interface for ReactOS with Server-side JavaScript
    Organization: ReactOS
    Developer Web Interface for ReactOS will be a single Interface which can address all developer needs from easily watching commits to triggering tests...
  • Tiffany Jansen

    Developing “telescopy”: A Simple API for Retrieving Signal-to-Noise Estimates of an Arbitrary Astronomical Observation
    Organization: Open Astronomy
    To make a convincing proposal in observational astronomy, you must demonstrate to a telescope’s proposal committee that your target can indeed be...
  • Konstantinos Agiannis

    Development of a Greek open source Morphological dictionary and application of it to Greek spelling tools
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    The goal of this project is the development of a Greek open source Morphological dictionary and integration of it into Greek spelling tools. Data...
  • Mariyam Fedoseeva

    Development of a human activity recognition component
    Organization: RoboComp
    Understanding actions and interactions of humans from the RGB-D sensor input can significantly improve cognitive functions of robots and help safely...
  • Isabel Najarro Borrego-1

    Development of a Text To Speech component that operates offline for the EBO educational robot
    Organization: RoboComp
    My project is based on the fact that the offline component to be created for EBO gives it the ability to speak through a TTS modulating the voice...
  • Panagiotis Papantonakis

    Development of a Tool for Extracting Quantitative Text Profiles
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    Text analysis is a fascinating field that attracts people from many scientific fields. As of today, text analysis is executed through powerful...
  • Matthew Kear

    Development of Autonomous Autorotations for Traditional Helicopters
    Organization: Ardupilot.org
    My primary goal is to develop autonomous autorotation capability for traditional helicopters running ArduPilot. The ability to autonomously detect a...
  • Liubove Orlov Savko

    Development of human activity recognition component
    Organization: RoboComp
    The task of recognizing and predicting human daily activities is a trending topic nowadays, and a lot of research has been developed around ...
  • Surya S Dwivedi

    Development of LSTM and GRU layers in TMVA
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    This project is about development of Long Short Term Memory(LSTM) and Gated Recurrent Unit(GRU) layers in TMVA, both of which belong to a general...
  • Lakshya Khera

    Development of modules with new UI/UX
    Organization: JBoss Community
    Development of 16 modules for the DONUT platform for better UI/UX. To simplify the configuration, these predefined modules will have the most common...
  • Shridhar Goel

    Development of new features for the Open Event Organizer App
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Open Event Organizer App is an app used by event organizers to create events and manage them. This project aims to develop the app further and...
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