Promoting practice & philosophy of OSS & Open Science in biological research.

The Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) is a non-profit, volunteer-run group dedicated to promoting the practice and philosophy of Open Source software development and Open Science within the biological research community.

Our main activities are:

  • Running and supporting the BOSC conferences.
  • Organizing and supporting developer-centric "Hackathon" events.
  • Participating in the Google Summer of Code program on behalf of our member projects as an umbrella mentoring organization.
  • Managing servers, colocation facilities, bank account, domain names, and other assets for the benefit of our member projects.
  • Public opinion and policy statements about matters related to Open Source and Open Science in bioinformatics.

The Foundation does not participate directly in the development or structure of the open source work, but as the members of the foundation are drawn from our projects' developer communities, there is clear commonality of direction and purpose.

The OBF is governed by a Board of Directors. Our bylaws lay out how the Board is elected, holds public meetings, and conducts its business, as well as the scope and role of our membership. OBF is an associated project with Software In The Public Interest, Inc., a fiscal sponsorship organization, and through SPI we can accept tax-exempt charitable donations.

The OBF is open to anyone who is interested in promoting open source bioinformatics / open science. Please see the Membership page for more information.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • c/c++


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Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) 2020 Projects

  • Srijan Verma
    Healthcare-Researcher-Connector (HRC): A Federated Learning package for bridging the gap between Healthcare providers and researchers
    Nowadays, sharing and use of human biomedical data is heavily restricted and regulated by multiple laws. Such data-sharing restrictions allow keeping...
  • Himanshi Mathur
    Implementation of SVML in SIMDe
    This project will be aimed to create an API-compatible open-source implementation of Intel's proprietary SVML which would be portable to other...
  • Boshen Yan
    Implementing user-friendly search features
    Pysradb provides a convenient method to retrieve information from NCBI’s SRA database. Currently, pysradb is transitioning to phase out its...
  • Shekhar Shukla
    OpenMS R-Package
    OpenMS, an open-source C++ library for the analysis of mass spectrometric data exposes a large part of its functionality to the Python community via...
  • Francesco Porto
    Parallel Graph Traversal for Variation Graphs
    Traditionally, Bioinformatics has focused its efforts on the study of single genomes, each representing an individual of a certain species. In more...
  • Eliza Martin
    Protein sequence and structural analysis CWL pipeline for comparative biology
    While there are a multitude of open source ML methods for prediction of various structural or biological related attributes, there are no open source...
  • Hidayat Ullah Khan
    SIMDe : Add implementations of ISA extensions (SSE4.2 and AVX512) and NEON implementations of SSE4.1,SSE4.2,SSE3,SSSE3 ISA extension
    The project deals with writing portable implementations for SIMD ISA extensions SSE4.2 and AVX-512 functions and NEON implementations for...
  • T. Waschischeck
    Using DeNovo Sequencing to Predict Protein Database Suitability
    When using mass spectrometry to analyze protein samples it is key to use the appropriate protein database. Most of the time a sample from only one...