Free general purpose Multibody Dynamics analysis

MBDyn (c++)

MBDyn is:

  • the first free general purpose Multibody Dynamics analysis software
  • a command-line, direct and inverse initial-value problem solver with a large versatile multifield element library
  • a research tool developed by the community and used extensively in academia and industry

The uses of MBDyn range from the very simple system simulations to extremely complex models. Some simple examples can be seen and understood from these online tutorials while input files for more advanced problems are available in the Applications section.

MBDyn has applications in

  • aerospace (aircraft, helicopters, tiltrotors, spacecraft)
  • wind energy (wind turbines)
  • automotive (cars, trucks)
  • mechatronics (industrial robots, parallel robots, micro aerial vehicles (MAV)).

See here for a list of research projects for which it has been used.

Some of MBDyn features are

  • the integrated multidisciplinary simulation of multibody and multiphysics systems
  • nonlinear mechanics of rigid and flexible bodies such as geometrically exact & composite-ready beam and shell finite elements, component mode synthesis elements, and lumped elements, subjected to kinematic constraints
  • simulate smart materials, electric networks, active control, hydraulic networks, ground vehicles and tires, and essential fixed-wing and rotorcraft aerodynamics.
  • simulate mechanical and aeroservoelastic systems using first principles equations.
  • couples to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and terradynamics software, and to block-diagram solvers like Scicos, Scicoslab and Simulink.

Blendyn (Python)

Blendyn is a Blender addon to visualize in 3D the output files of MBDyn and is developed in Python3 by MBDyn developers. Projects focusing only on Blendyn development are fully eligible for GSoC.

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  • c++
  • python


  • Science and Medicine
  • mechanical engineering
  • aeronautics
  • automotive
  • multibody dynamics
  • scientific computing
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MBDyn 2020 Projects

  • runsen Zhang
    A user-defined run-time loadable module template for co-simulation with Chrono::Engine
    Due to increasingly complex coupling problems in engineer fields, it is significant to provide supports for co-simulation with other software in...