Open source team chat and federated collaboration platform

Rocket.Chat is one of the largest active open source (permissive MIT source license) nodeJS communications platform communities on GitHub, featuring 1200+ global community contributors (across projects) from 30+ countries, 25,200+ GitHub stars, 5500 forks, 322+ total releases and 10,000+ issues since inception in 2015.

Rocket.Chat is a modern team chat and collaborating platform written in full-stack JavaScript. Rocket.Chat offers a full featured rich team chat experience across modern browsers and mobile devices, comparable to Microsoft Teams and Slack. Rocket.Chat server is designed to be scalable from a family server for 10 users running on a RaspberryPi 4, to clustered configuration that can support millions of users. On-premise deployment of Rocket.Chat can ensure 100% complete security and privacy of your valuable communications/data.

Rocket.Chat is now installed on over 300k servers and counts over 10m users worldwide. Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform globally.

Users can host their own servers on-premises or setup on cloud. Thanks to its liberal MIT open source license, Rocket.Chat can be also be forked on Github and becomes a new platform/product altogether.

Rocket.Chat has been designed to be totally extensible. Rocket.Chat Apps is a straightforward way to add features to Rocket.Chat. REST and websocket APIs are available to control and customize the server. Chatbot can extend the interactivity of Rocket.Chat and integrate external IT systems.

Rocket.Chat federation enables server administrators to enhance inter-organization collaboration by sharing channels across servers with full security.

Rocket.Chat has won multiple prizes such as a 2016 Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application and first prize in the 2017 edition of All Things Open’s Startup Competition.

Rocket.Chat supports over 59 local languages. Rocket.Chat's community interacts 24 x 7 at the community Rocket.Chat server.

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  • javascript
  • react
  • reactnative
  • chatbots
  • ruby


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Rocket.Chat 2020 Projects

  • Ritwiz Sinha
    Apps-CLI: Hot reload apps during development
    The project aims to improve/add the functionality of hot reloading during development, creation of templates for repeated code on the user end, and...
  • Govind Dixit
    Create F-Droid build for React Native Android & CI Jobs Automation
    The Rocket chat team has been sincerely working on improving the Android App by regularly adding great features and making them available to users...
  • Taimur Azhar
    Currently, the Rocket.Chat.Electron desktop application has a wide range of useful features but I chose the project “Download Manager on Desktop...
  • Ezequiel Reis
    Full-screen composer option to send/edit long messages on mobile apps
    A full-screen composer that could be opened from the current composer to provide a larger area for text input or edition, good to send or edit large...
  • Ashwani Yadav
    Omnichannel: Add screen sharing feature in the Livechat widget
    This project is focused to implement a new interface between Rocket.Chat, Omnichannel Livechat widget and Rocket.Chat.js.SDK allowing Agents to get...
  • Murtaza Patrawala
    Omnichannel: Chatbot support for RASA and Dialogflow
    The goal for this project is to integrate chatbot platforms like Dialogflow and RASA with Rocket.Chat. These integrations are built to work with the...
  • Adarsh Naidu
    Rocket.Chat Alexa Skill and Google Action Improvements
    This project aims to enable all the essential functionalities of Rocket.Chat to be accessed through any Alexa and Google Assistant device by creating...