Automate REST APIs. Build next generation API clients.

Hydra is a documentation framework that bases on top of established Linked Data (Semantic Web) tools to build the next generation of connected Web APIs. Hydra is currently under development by the World Wide Web Consortium’s Hydra Community Group. The team of developers in the Hydra Ecosystem community aims to establish tools to make Hydra framework operational. Hydra Ecosystems develops these tools in Python. Our flagship Hydra server and client are one of the few tools available that can help users integrate Hydra into their development stack.

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  • python
  • rest
  • apis
  • hydra


  • Web
  • web development
  • http
  • rest apis
  • knowledge graph
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Hydra Ecosystem 2020 Projects

  • Priyanshu Nayan
    General Improvements in Agent
    This project involves bringing the agent to as per the latest of the Hydra spec. The Agent can then be used as a package to make smart client that...
  • Samesh Lakhotia
    General Improvements in hydrus
    hydrus is a set of Python-based tools which makes it easy and efficient to make powerful REST-APIs serve data. At the moment, hydrus provides mainly...