Modular and configurable OS for embedded applications

Embox main idea is using Linux software without Linux.

Imagine, you need a single application in the embedded system, but you want to use some libraries (Qt, OpenCV, etc). In Linux case you need a high-performance hardware. In Embox case you can use the software as bare-metal including the only required system parts.

Benefits of this way:

  • Use low power hardware
  • Use boards with small resources
  • Use existing software
  • Develop your software on Linux
  • Care less about security because static linking disables executing external software

Embox achievements:

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  • c
  • gcc
  • assembly


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Embox 2020 Projects

  • sksat
    Porting embox to MAiX BiT
    Porting embox to MAiX BiT, new and cheap RISC-V board
  • Erick Cafferata
    USB Gadget Framework Implementation and STM32F4/7Gadget Driver
    Write a new USB Gadget Framework. This ‘Gadget’ Framework will work like the current Host USB code works in Embox, providing all the high level API...