We build a free and open source 3D creation suite.

Blender is the free/open source 3D creation software for everyone, providing individuals and small teams a complete pipeline for 3D graphics, modeling, animation and games.

Blender is being made by 100s of active volunteers from all around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists and students, vfx experts and animators, and so on. All of them are united by an interest to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline. Blender Foundation supports and facilitates these goals - even employs a small staff for that - but still fully depends on the online community to achieve it.

Since 2005, Blender has organized a dozen short open films and a game project, which helped Blender tremendously to get more accepted by professionals in their daily work. In the past year, Blender has been getting a lot of attention and funding from the industry - this open source 3D software is on the way to become an industry standard in the twenties.

We invite students to think of ways to help us with this. If your passion is with 3D coding, creativity tools, scientific simulation, or anything related to Computer Graphics in general, feel welcome to join us!

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  • c
  • c++
  • python
  • opengl
  • vulkan


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Blender Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Nathan Craddock
    Continued Improvements to the Outliner
    This will be a continuation of the previous summer’s Outliner Improvements project. With selection now syncing between the outliner and other...
  • Alexia Legrand
    Custom Menus
    The project goal is to add an editor menu for the quick favourites in the preferences and to give the possibilities to create more personal menu and...
  • Falk David
    Editing Grease Pencil Strokes Using Curves
    Since the Blender 2.8 update, that introduced the Grease Pencil object type, there are a couple of primitives that can be added in the Grease Pencil...
  • Ankit Meel
    Improving IO performance for big files
    Among the 3D formats available, some are simple in theory, yet effective for a lot of different use cases and supported by a multitude of software in...
  • Mateusz Grzeliński
    Info Editor Improvements
    Show logs and debugs in info editor. Add UI features to make it comfortable to work with logs such as filtering, searching, enable/disable on the fly.
  • Sriharsha Kotcharlakot
    Liquid Simulation Display Options
    The goal of this project is to make the viewport more informative by adding options to visualise liquid simulation grids and improving existing fluid...
  • Sam Kottler
    Production Ready Many Light Sampling
    This project will continue development on the Many Light Sampling project from GSoC 2018. It will add support for importance sampling of more...
  • Himanshi Kalra
    Regression Testing Frameworks
    Testing is a nice-to-have tool/utility for developers to check for breaks in early stages of development cycle which is less expensive. Automated...
  • Matt Overby
    Volumetric Soft Body Simulation
    Elastic deformation is an essential component of animation pipelines. Volumetric soft body simulation can be used to capture the complex details of...