Supporting the Beam community

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the state of the art for Erlang, Elixir, LFE, and other technologies based on the BEAM. Our goal is to increase the adoption of this sophisticated platform among forward-thinking organizations. With member-supported Working Groups actively contributing to libraries, tools, and documentation used regularly by individuals and companies relying on the stability and versatility of the ecosystem, we actively invest in critical pieces of technical infrastructure to support our users in their efforts to build the next generation of advanced, reliable, realtime applications.

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  • erlang
  • elixir
  • lfe
  • beam


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Erlang Ecosystem Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Kushal Kothari
    Handle replication using the Yggdrasil Network.
    Barrel use erlang-libp2p and HTTP to handle the replication in a P2P manner. The idea is to add the support of the Yggdrasil network to handle...
  • Riki Otaki
    Reference implementation for riak-core-lite based distributed application
    riak-core is a distributed systems framework that is based on the Dynamo-Style architecture. It has served as the basis of Riak KV, a highly...
  • Lois Soto L√≥pez
    Vulnerability report system in website.
    The idea of this project is to design and create all needed components for a vulnerabilities report system in Hex packages integrated in the...