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The GNOME project builds the technologies, platform, middle-ware, applications and environment to create a free software solution for using your personal computer. As part of your GSoC internship, you will have an opportunity to attend GNOME's biggest annual conference in Zacatecas, Mexico, at the end of July.

The GNOME project is:


Our board is democratically elected, and technical decisions are made by the engineers doing the work. We are supported by many organisations; employees from over a hundred companies have contributed since the project began.


We believe that software should be developed in the open. Our development infrastructure and communication channels are public, and our code can be freely downloaded, modified and shared with others. All our contributors have the same rights.


Our project is an important part of the Free Software ecosystem. We work with other free projects to create high-quality solutions that span the entire software stack.


Our software is translated into many languages and comes with built in accessibility features. This means that it can be used by anyone, regardless of the language they speak or their physical abilities.

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  • c
  • rust
  • gtk
  • vala
  • python


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GNOME 2020 Projects

  • Ujjwal Kumar
    Adaptive Grid/Form Widget
    Applications can have forms and tables which are a rigid layout to present. Such large rigid layouts can prevent applications from reaching small...
  • Adwait Rawat
    Add UI for importing and managing firmware in GNOME Games
    Currently if a user wants to play a game that needs a firmware, they would have to go to the application's flatpak directory according to the...
  • José F Lorenzo-Hernández
    Battery Bench: Bring battery testing back to the future
    One thing we want to do for the next versions of GNOME and Fedora is to improve battery performance. Your laptop may well be advertised by the...
  • Yetizone
    Design Improvements to Epiphany's dialogs
    The project aims to bring UI design improvements suggested by the design team and the community to Epiphany's Preferences dialog, History dialog and...
  • Mahmoud Khalil
    Detecting Differences Between Two Non-Consecutive Commits For Gitg
    Currently in Gitg, We only show the differences between any two consecutive commits. One might find himself/herself want to compare between any two...
  • Nour E-Din El-Nhass
    Evolution Data Server EteSync sync module
    Implementing an EDS module to sync with EteSync, a secure, end-to-end encrypted and FLOSS sync solution that will enable GNOME/Evolution users to...
  • Alejandro Domínguez
    Fractal: Multi account support
    Fractal currently supports only one account, if you want to be connected at the same time with different accounts the user has to launch several...
  • S Sai Vineet
    gitg: polish and optimise files and diff plugins
    Optimise files plugin tree store and implement non-consecutive commit diff features
  • Mariana Pícolo
    GNOME Shell: Notification Popover Redesign
    Notifications are an important part of a system, by providing a way for users to check multiple statuses of apps, messages, or logs, without having...
  • Clarissa Borges Evaluation of requirements, content, design and components for the refresh of the website
    The website needs a redesign (refresh) both in design terms and look-and-feel (UI) terms. This project is about the technical and...
  • Neville Antony
    Implement Collections in GNOME Games
    The ultimate objective of this project is to add collections feature to Games. This feature will help users create their own collection of games, as...
  • Apoorv Sachan
    Port Nautilus Properties Dialog to Use GtkBuilder
    This Project is about using GtkBuilder to Construct the properties dialog for Nautilus. The result of this project would be that design Improvements...
  • Kavan Mevada
    Sound Recorder: Redesign the app to make it adaptive
    Updating whole app to follow the latest design patterns and make it adaptive so can work on small screens and larger screens.
  • Chinmay Gurjar
    Support Remote Sources in Music
    The goal of this project is to enable users to discover, play and enjoy music from remote sources with almost zero configuration and user efforts.