MuseScore is music notation software used by millions of musicians worldwide

MuseScore is easy to use, yet powerful, and creates professional-looking sheet music.

MuseScore is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and is available in 50+ languages. It features an easy to use WYSIWYG editor with audio score playback for results that look and sound beautiful. It supports unlimited staves with up to four voices each, dynamics, articulations, lyrics, chords, lead sheet notation, import/export of MIDI and MusicXML, export to PDF and WAV, plus online score sharing. MuseScore is licensed under GNU GPLv2.

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  • c++
  • qt
  • qml
  • cmake


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MuseScore 2020 Projects

  • SKefalidis
    Albums feature
    The current implementation of Albums in MuseScore 3 is buggy and limited. That's why it has been disabled in the normal build. I want to re-implement...
  • Isaac Weiss
    Repeats, Rests, and Other Counting-Related Symbols
    There are a variety of standard notations, which can be grouped under the loose rubric of “counting-related symbols,” that current versions of...
  • Kumar Kartikay
    Tree Model for libmscore
    If Musescore was being built today using web technologies like React etc., it would have definitely been built with a tree-like model for the score...